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Kenyan Update: I have still been unable to establish contact with my partner at Egerton, but I received an e-mail today giving me a new partner. I have already sent him a message and hope to start a dialogue about the third topic. Biologically, women are at greater risk than men for contracting HIV. The female genitals have a much greater surface area than the male genitals, meaning that there are more available entry points for the virus. HIV also is concentrated at much higher levels in semen than in vaginal fluids, and more semen is exchanged during sexual intercourse than vaginal fluids. These biological factors, however, are probably not most significant in the emerging disparity between genders in terms of HIV infection rates. Worldwide, many women are subjected to social and cultural conditions in which they are forced into inferior roles and must rely on men for basic sustenance. It is this social order that has precipitated the troubling rise of HIV infections among women worldwide and presents
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