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In a world where many human beings have sexual relations with multiple partners, Bob’s concerns about the spread of HIV are justified. When people choose to have many partners, the risk of the disease spreading multiplies at an extremely rapid rate. However, adopting a view that having unprotected sex is akin to signing a death warrant is unrealistic; taking the right precautions in approaching sexual activity can minimize the spread of HIV while also giving people the freedom to pursue sexual encounters without fear of health repercussions. While having unprotected sex can never be considered advisable unless it is carried out in a monogamous relationship where both partners have been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the mere existence of such relationships invalidates Bob’s
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Unformatted text preview: comments. If both partners come back with all negative test results, then there is no danger of either one of them contracting an STI, including HIV, from the other. While Bob could very well suggest that this arrangement is only safe if both partners remain faithful, such a cynical view of the capacity of humans to maintain monogamous relationships is entirely too restrictive in its effort to cover all possibilities, however remote they may be. Additionally, honest and proper communication in any relationship closes this loophole to potential infection. Bob is right to worry about the passage of HIV between humans. However, he exaggerates the point by ignoring the fact that unprotected sex can be conducted in a safe manner....
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