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Jason Meer Bio 46 Partners: Lauren Benning, Young Ha, Brett Toimil, Inington Kaberia (Egerton) Note: Inington has yet to respond to our e-mails. HIV is principally spread through sexual intercourse or the sharing of needles. As such, anyone who has ever engaged in either of these activities should be tested because the probability of survival is greater when the virus is properly treated. Those that have a history of higher risk behaviors, such as anal sex or use of injection drugs, should be even more vigilant. Upon identification as HIV-positive, however, a person has the right to withhold the information to avoid discrimination in a world where the virus is still very much stigmatized. The only people that must be informed are any of the HIV-positive person’s sexual or injection drug use partners because they could be at risk of infection, but telling non-discriminating family and friends could provide needed support. Given that discrimination against HIV-positive people is still rampant, it would be irresponsible
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