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illegal immigrants paper - Kristyn Chalker Contrast...

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Kristyn Chalker Contrast Argument Composition II 3/10/2008 Taxes or Tacos? Amnesty or Integrity?: Why Illegal Immigrants Are Not Beneficial to The United States of America Nobody likes burglars. Obviously, breaking and entering a person’s residence is against the law. So, why is it when illegal immigrants move to this country and break the law, people not only fight to grant them amnesty but for them to retain their residency in the United States? Regardless of how long these aliens have resided illegally in America, they are still criminals. Illegal immigrants break the law: plain and simple. They undermine the efforts of hardworking people who obtained their green cards, work visas, and citizenship the correct and legal way. The American public has learned to turn a blind eye to the growing problems that illegal immigrants cause and will continue to cause if changes aren’t made. Coming into the country illegally isn’t fair to hardworking American taxpayers because it encourages more illegal entry, strains the fabric of America’s already struggling education system, and cause millions in unassigned tax dollars. Granted, their ambitions for wanting to immigrate most of the time are pure. There is no shame in wanting to secure a better life for your family, but wouldn’t those people feel better about their new life if it was obtained honestly? By granting illegal immigrants amnesty, the government would be rewarding lawbreakers and blurring the distinction between those who came legally, and those who did not. If the government is to offer no reward to the legal immigrants, will work visas and green cards virtually become obsolete? The government will set a precedent that future immigrants will take
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advantage of. In the future, what is to stop illegal immigrants from traipsing carefree over
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illegal immigrants paper - Kristyn Chalker Contrast...

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