Euthanasia paper 2

Euthanasia paper 2 - Kristyn Chalker Composition II...

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Kristyn Chalker Composition II Rogerian Argument 2/14/2008 Mercy: The Necessary Practice Of Euthanasia Euthanasia could carry some risk for error. Doctors are worried about lawsuits, malpractice, and things of that nature. People also are against it because suicide has never been a socially acceptable thing. There are no laws towards punishing the people who do commit it, but religious people do believe that the laws of their religion punish the offenders. They believe in the sanctity of life, and that suicide contradicts their beliefs. The person who commits suicide would be sent to hell, purgatory, etc. The Hippocratic oath states that doctors shall do nothing to harm a patient. It also states that a physician shall not administer poison to any patient when asked. There are arguments that state once euthanasia is legalized, it will follow the “slippery slope” theory and become an uncontrollable disaster. Doctors could become jaded, and simply choose an end to life, instead of drastic measures to save life. The integrity of the profession could be compromised, and doctors could be seen as murderers to some. The American Medical Association defines Euthanasia as “ the administration of a lethal agent by another person to a patient for the purpose of relieving the patient's intolerable and incurable suffering.” Suicide through out the ages has constantly been
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Euthanasia paper 2 - Kristyn Chalker Composition II...

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