Energy Over-Consumption

Energy Over-Consumption - The Over-Consumption of Energy By...

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Unformatted text preview: The Over-Consumption of Energy By Kevin Pintauro Worldwide Power Usage and Fuel Type Share in Terawatts Fossil Fuels Remaining World Emissions of CO2 From Fossil Fuels The Kyoto Conference Global protocol agreed upon by over 160 countries to reduce CO2 emissions. The U.S. is currently not among them. Alternatives to Fossil Fuels Reduce coalfired plants. Build more nuclear plants. Use renewable energies. 10 Things That You Can Do to Conserve Energy and the Environment 1. New light bulbs. 2. Drive less. 3. Check your tires. 4. Plant a tree. 5. Use less hot water. 6. Recycle. 7. Change indoor temperature. 8. Turn off electronics. 9. Avoid products with excess packaging. 10. Get involved! Review Global and domestic statistics. Global and domestic problems/solutions. Things you can do now! THE POWER IS YOURS! ...
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