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Pintauro 1 Kevin Pintauro February 28, 2007 COM 152 – Dr. Shuler Informative Speech Men Landed on the Moon: Or Did They? INTRODUCTION 1. Attention Getter: On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon. Or did he? 2. Listener Relevance Link : Anthony Young, of The Space Review , conducted a poll earlier this year that shows that 27% of 18-26 year-olds in college have at least some doubt that NASA went to moon. With that said, it is very probable that someone in this room right now is among that 27% (Young, 2007). 3. Speaker Credibility Statement : I have always been fascinated with space and technology since I was a kid, but I had never heard of a conspiracy claiming that NASA faked the moon landings. Then I saw a TV show that attempted to explain just that. After seeing this show, I became absolutely convinced that the Apollo moon landings were staged. Over time though, I came to realize that I was wrong and I now have an even stronger understanding of the truth. 4. Central Claim: The Truth is a man really did walk on the moon in 1969 and all the claims conspirators make can be proven false. 5. Preview: such as the apparent “fluttering” the American flag makes in the Apollo 11 video is not fluttering at all. Transition: So what is it exactly that conspirators believe and why? BODY 1. In February 2001, the FOX TV network aired a special show entitled Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on The Moon? a. This show, according to Phillip Plait, author of the book Bad Astronomy , “is loaded with bad thinking, ridiculous ideas and outright wrong science.” Transition: This is the same show that once led me to believe the moon landings were faked and it summarizes all of what the conspirators think. 2. Claim: The Van Allen belts cannot be passed. a. The Van Allen belts are a region in space where the earth's magnetic field has trapped particles from solar winds. Skeptics of the moon landing argue that an astronaut would get a lethal dose of radiation if he were to pass through the belts on the way to the moon (Krystek, 2003).
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Informative Speech outline - Pintauro Kevin Pintauro COM...

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