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Persuasive speech keyword outline - Pintauro 1 Kevin...

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Pintauro Kevin Pintauro COM 152—Shuler April 19, 2007 Energy Over-Consumption Specific Purpose: I will persuade my audience to reduce their energy consumption. Actuation Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence INTRODUCTION Attention Getter: According to the Energy Information Administration, the world currently consumes over 82 million barrels of oil per day with the United States accounting for over 25 percent of that amount; and oil accounts for only about 42 percent of the world’s total fuel type share. Listener Relevance : We all use energy everyday whether its gasoline in our cars or the electricity powering these lights and I am sure we are all guilty of wasting energy in some way or another. Speaker Credibility : Personally, I think I am especially guilty of wasting large amounts of energy through my car and my endless list of frequently used electronics. Central Claim : The over-consumption of energy and pollution emission is an ever- growing problem in the world, especially in the U.S., so I ask that you do what you can to use less energy. Preview : First, we’ll look at some statistics about worldwide energy production and consumption. Next, we will look at their effects on the environment and examine future projections of energy usage and usage pollution. Then finally, we will go over energy saving methods and tips. Transition
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Persuasive speech keyword outline - Pintauro 1 Kevin...

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