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Pintauro - 1 - Kevin Pintauro Dr. Haunton ENG 150 April 16, 2007 “The dog’s gone, Kevin.” My Dad said right as I walked through the door coming home from school on a Friday. The words froze my entire body and my heart sank. For a moment blinking didn’t seem like a necessity anymore, “What?! What do you mean ‘The dog’s gone’?!” I asked. “She ran out the door and up the block an hour ago.” He seemed like he was trying to avoid eye contact with me. He sounded upset and frustrated, but for me, the news hadn’t quite sunk in yet. Not knowing what else to do, I dropped my backpack and ran out the door heading in Crystal’s last known direction. When I got to the end of the street at Boston Post Road, US Route 1, there was no dog in sight. With the amount of traffic it would have been impossible for her to cross the street so did she go left towards New Rochelle or go right in to the Bronx? At that moment, as I looked back and forth towards areas I know very well, surrounded by millions, I was lost. If there is a single commonality with every person on earth it would have to be love. The actual meaning of the word has been, and still is, debated, as it can be applied in perhaps any way imaginable. Not everyone thinks of love as the same thing, but the constant or universal similarity is that it is good. Usually love refers to interpersonal love, an experience felt by a person for another person (Wikipedia, 2007). It can also involve caring for or identifying with a person or thing, including oneself. Dictionaries
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Pintauro - 2 - tend to define love as “deep affection or fondness.” In everyday use, the most favored definitions of love involve altruism, selflessness, friendship, union, family and bonding or connecting with another (Wikipedia, 2007). I think that the first time someone feels love for something or another that those feelings are often accompanied with a sense of mystery and exploration because everything is new; thus amplifying the feelings of love altogether. For me, my first love was like a familial and an affectionate love. It is the love I feel for my pet dog, Crystal. I stood frozen on the corner, staring in to nothing and unsure of what to do with myself. The next thing I realized was my Dad pulling over in our green Chevy Suburban with the window down telling me to get in. We drove around for an hour looking for her and asking people if they saw a collie with a long nose running around; no one had. I was beginning to lose hope and feared the worst. Then I started thinking about the time
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Creative Writing Essay - Pintauro Kevin Pintauro Dr....

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