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Paper Assignment - 111 F

Paper Assignment - 111 F - Dr Stone Fall 2006 Introductory...

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Dr. Stone Introductory Psychology – 111 G Fall 2006 Page 1 of 4 Writing Assignment Due: Tuesday October 10, 2006 Grader : Kristin Jones, [email protected] For this writing assignment, find a current event ( since August 2006 ) by looking in newspapers or magazines, or on the internet. The current event must be relevant to a topic in chapters 2-16 of the text. That is, you might come across an article about Alzheimer’s disease, which you could relate to either biological psychology or the areas of learning and memory. Another topic might be mass hysteria, which you could relate to social psychology. You do not have to tap all topics, just one in chapters 2-16. In this paper, you MUST (1) describe the current event and (2) discuss the relevant psychological aspects of this event (i.e., explain how this event is psychological) (3) using TWO references to support your position . You must (4) submit copies of the first page of your articles and a copy of the current event (if it is longer than one page, just submit the first page). This is not an opinion paper or personal reflection , but rather a research paper . Some personal experience or reflection is allowed, but the “facts” of the paper need to be supported by the articles you get from the literature. Thus, this paper is an exercise in formal (essay) writing. If you have questions, see Dr. Stone, Jordan, or the grader, Kristin . The textbook for the course may not be used as one of the two required references ; you must use psychology journals (e.g., Journal of Applied Psychology , Neuroscience , Developmental Psychology ). If you are unsure as to whether your journal is acceptable, ask Dr. Stone, Jordan, or the grader, Kristin . Magazines such as US News and World Report and Psychology Today are NOT psychology journals, but may be used for the current event. Use the periodical references (i.e., journal) listings. Use PsychINFO ( http://reinert.creighton.edu/resources/suguides/psychology/psychology.htm#articles ) to search for relevant topics. If you have questions, ask Dr. Stone, Jordan, or Kristin . You may have up to four other references besides the two required as supplemental references. This paper is to be 5-6 pages . We like concise writing in psychology, but be thorough. If you are over or under, points may be deducted. Papers are graded on content (0-5 points) and style (0-5) points. The first draft will be weighted 20%, the second draft 80%. You must turn
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