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Creative Writing Essay

Creative Writing Essay - Kevin Pintauro Final Draft There...

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Kevin Pintauro January 30, 2007 Final Draft There were a few times in my life where I felt absolute joy. The difference between ordinary joy and absolute joy is that when one is experiencing absolute joy, they sometimes catch themselves, maybe at the peak of the feeling, and realize that this may be the happiest they have ever felt in their life. One time, I felt absolute joy when I was 15 years old while spending a week at my cousin’s house. Usually every year, my family, and many from my extended family, take a road trip to Florida from New York City where we live. One year, my cousin Steve had broken his leg playing in his last high school football game and decided not to go and stay home. I couldn’t blame him. There would have been nothing for him to do while he was there except watch everyone else have a good time. Not only did I feel bad for him, I felt bad for myself. Among all of my cousins we were surely the closest together. Florida certainly wouldn’t have been the same without him; perhaps not even fun at all. I feared that even if I were to go without him I would feel bad every time I was having fun. We were getting older my cousins and me. I was the fourth oldest of over 25 cousins (then) on my Mother’s side and Steve was the second oldest at 17. My brother, Steve, and my two other older cousins formed a great little frat pack every time we were together. Minutes before we were supposed to leave I decided that I no longer wanted to go and chose to stay behind with my cousin at his house, in New Jersey, for the rest of the vacation.
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I had no idea what we were going to do for a whole week by ourselves. At first I was optimistic and started shooting off vague ideas to myself. Steve was still able to drive so we had our own transportation that we could use at will; a first among any of our past vacations. We were given all of our money (which would have been given to us in
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Creative Writing Essay - Kevin Pintauro Final Draft There...

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