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Book review quarter 2 - Lane Litton Brit Lit Pride and...

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Lane Litton Brit Lit 1-15-03 Pride and Prejudice Book Review Pride and Prejudice takes place in a small town, around the late 18th century. The story is told about the Bennet family, a large family consisting of mother, father, and five daughters. Mrs. Bennet is a house wife and her goal throughout the book is to marry her daughters off to wealthy gentlemen. This theme is mind bending, and pointless. The main plot of the story is based around Jane and Elizabeth ( the 2 oldest daughters) finding their husbands. Jane marries the wealthy Mr. Bingley, and Elizabeth marries the wealthy Mr. Darcy. It appears as though these women are gold diggers. While it seems all the daughters have a goal to marry, and the men of the town don’t do a lot, it seems as though Jane Austin has very well developed characters. The story is based entirely around the Bennet daughters Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. Jane is the oldest, and by far nicest of the sisters. She leads a rather perfect life, and knows no wrong. She changes through out the book, and by the end of the novel she has a grasp for the imperfections of the world. In the end Jane also becomes married. The second oldest, but most influential sister is Elizabeth. Elizabeth is by far the funnist character in the book, while also the novels protagonist. She has many funny parts, in particular I liked her letter to her aunt announcing her engagement. The middle sister, Mary is rather boring. She is by all means a book worm. The Fourth sister, Catherine is also very boring, all she basically does is follow whichever sister she
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Book review quarter 2 - Lane Litton Brit Lit Pride and...

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