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Creative Writing Essay - Kevin Pintauro February 18, 2007...

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Kevin Pintauro February 18, 2007 Project 2 Final Draft Memories of Friends There are certain things in life that people greatly value. These things cannot be bought with money or be “obtained” in some way like a house or a car and are absolutely priceless. Things like family and friendship, thoughts and emotions, memories and experiences. They are what make us human. I too, greatly value all the human aspects of myself and my life, but what I value the most in life is my memories. In particular, the memories I have of my old friends; my first friends. Can you remember when you met your first friend/s? Do you remember how and when you realized that you were friends? Does it even matter!? I met my first friends when I was both five and seven years old. When I was five, my family and I moved in to our new home in Pelham, New York, just north of Manhattan. It was the same house that my father had grown up in when he was a kid and where he had met his first friends. And wouldn’t you know it, one of those same friends was already living around the corner from our new home; just as he did while growing up with my father. Perhaps it was fate, or maybe it was just a coincidence, but my father’s two sons (my younger brother Bobby and me) and his friends’ two sons, Mike and Matt Galiani, also became first friends with each other. Two years later, another family moved in to the house behind us. They too, had two sons, Chris and Matt Clyde, who were the same age as all
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of us. The six of us together became a close group and that is why I consider them all my “first” friends. I can recall hundreds of memories of the six of us, but it’s hard to describe in words why they are so invaluable and sentimental to me. How does one put in plain words why they are friends with someone?
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Creative Writing Essay - Kevin Pintauro February 18, 2007...

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