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Kevin Pintauro March 19, 2007 ENG 150 Project 3, Draft 2 When Two Voices Collide In my world, I hear many different voices all at once. To me, most of the voices that I hear are just background noise to what is being said, like a backdrop to what is “really” going on. I hear these voices in the news, TV, the internet and from people I know. The key to understanding and deciphering all these voices, in to something “real”, is to first know and understand your own voice. Once you can pick out and read your own voice, you can then translate the voices that you hear all around you in to something that “makes sense”; how one “hears” these voices will depend on how they hear themselves. Depending on where you are in the world, you will hear all kinds of different variations and qualities in the “voices” you hear. Being born and raised in one of the greatest cities the world has ever known comes with it literally millions, and millions of different types, of voices constantly speaking to me all at once. Perception is everything: How one interprets an action or a message is what makes the action or message what it is; certain actions dictate certain reactions. But perception is all (only) relative to what a person knows. I “know” a different reality, because I am from New York City, than somebody from Peatmonth, North Dakota; I hear my own voice differently than others do from far away. If someone is brutally raped and/ or murdered in my city, I am un-phased by it and will probably forget it the next day or
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week rather, if the same were to occur in the small town of Peatmonth, it would probably greatly impact any person’s life there. Neither perspective is “good” or “bad” it is only what a person “understands” or “knows” that dictates their reaction (my shortly forgetting a heinous act in New York as opposed to one never forgetting it in Peatmonth.) I am actually accustomed or used to hearing things like this and the more and more I hear of them, the less and less they mean to me. Being accustomed to terrible acts is an extreme geographical difference that I have from most other people; it is also an extreme comparison of perception. While under the thick of it all, I would (could) never claim to understand the actual gravity of such a traumatic experience first hand, I “understand” like-situations “better” than (most) other people do (would). There is a certain culture, that teenagers and young adults know, where I’m from,
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Creative Writing Essay - Kevin Pintauro March 19, 2007 ENG...

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