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3 Pics 3 Themes - in the game but also the prettiest It is...

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Kevin Pintauro January 15, 2007 Theme, Summary, Reflection Superman Theme: Superman is certainly not a human but is certainly not a god either. I see this picture and I see the physical purgatory between Heaven and earth. He is rising higher and higher above the earth towards the heavens but no matter how high he goes he will never be in Heaven. Ace of Spades Reflection: The ace of spades makes me feel nostalgic about the past when I used to play poker with my friends nearly everyday. To me, the ace of spades is not just the best card
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Unformatted text preview: in the game but also the prettiest. It is unique because in the center the spade suit is very big where the other cards have smaller suit images. Huskers Ticket Summary: This is a ticket stub from my first Corn Huskers game. The Huskers beat Missouri in what was an exciting game. The seats were up high behind the field goal posts and the view couldn’t have been better. It was also the first time I had been in Lincoln and I was able to walk around and amongst many thousands of fans....
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