global innovation outlooks engineering technology

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Unformatted text preview: key partners. - Active co-strategizing with key global customers (in core business). - Systematic, process for continuously screening new business ideas. - Active co-strategizing with Key Global Customers. -Global Innovation Outlooks - “Engineering & Technology Services” (ETS) unit to directly interface with R&D in different companies across industries. - Teams of scientists and management consultants to work on client problems. - Meetings with CEOs of client companies. - Teams Strategy +techn. - Emerging Business Opportunities - Innovation Jams with whole personnel and key partners. - Active co-strategizing with Key Global Customers. - HP Labs as ‘platform’ for learning from the ‘periphery’ and ‘open innovation’. - Global ‘innovation fair’ where the best business ideas are presented and evaluated. Heightened Strategic Alertness - Multidimensional organization with global businesses and shared resources. - Stretched goals/ CEO promises. - Multidimensional organization (ex: The R&D head runs all the product lines and technologies, the head of sales and marketing al...
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