stretched goals ceo promises open business definition

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Unformatted text preview: l geographies and industries, …) - Stretched goals/ CEO promises. - Multidimensional organization. - Assigned designated corporate and business level strategists to drive and facilitate corporate-wide strategic collaboration with key partners. - Stretched goals/ CEO promises. - Open ‘business’ definition: Life goes Mobile. - Systematic recruitment from other businesses. - Multidimensional organization. - Open business definition. - Global Innovation Outlooks and technology outlooks. - Corporate-wide cross business unit themes for new business development (mobility, security etc.). Quality of dialogue - Training and Promotion of ‘Constructive Confrontation’. - Systematic resource acquisition from prime management consultancy companies and companies from other industries and internally. - Rotation to line organization after three years. - Define core business(es) in a conceptually tight but broad manner fostering growth into new market domains. - Segment councils for cross-functional solution development. - Corporate Strategy Group - Strategic...
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