From consulting and followed up on emerging to manage

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Unformatted text preview: agenda :10 - Safeguard new insights - CTO/CSO network (30 person strong internal major strategic issues and opportunities: developed facilitating internal consultancy team) recruited that are continuously a process of time ‘Horizons’ strategy dialogue. from consulting and followed up, on emerging to manage its emerging investment banking to technologies, business businesses. improve the quality of models, or other - 3 top teams focusing on: strategic dialogue, common important trends relevant . strategy frameworks and concepts for more than one . technology that allow rich interpretations business group. . senior executives and of strategic issues in a - ‘Hand-pick’ 10 of the selected (by CEO) other common language. most capable individuals contributors (for 1 year). - Create an environment from any part of the - Securing cognitive diversity where everybody has the organization to work on by appointing ‘best brains’ to freedom to speak up, selected vision themes. fully mandated top team criticize, be out of the box. - Strategy process members for a year at a Discuss first as a team at involving thousands of time. the top. “Openness to people, supported by © Yves Doz and dialoguing disagree forces a true web-based Mikko Kosonen, Fast Strategy, Wharton School Publishing, 2007 t ” tl Drivers of Leadership Unity Shared agenda & Shared agenda & incentives incentives Cabinet responsibility Mutual dependency Mutual dependency Embracing conflict + dialogue...
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