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Kevin Pintauro February 21, 2007 ENG 150 Describing Someone in Terms/Images I would describe someone that I know really well (but maybe not well enough) as someone looking for purpose and meaning out of life. This person has many different personality hats for the many different environments he finds himself in; all of which can be used to blend in like a chameleon or stand out like an albino peacock. What may seem like mood swings to everyone else is actually him playing a role of his choosing (enjoyment). He always seems to have an underlying motive (“good” or “bad”) and has a tendency to complicate things so he can better understand them. He sometimes has a problem noticing or understanding obvious things because he always over-thinking and analyzing situations and problems. This person is wise beyond his years, and even was at a young age, offering intelligent insight and answers to otherwise “controversial” issues.
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Unformatted text preview: Some people think before they speak, some people speak before they think, this person seems to do both at the same time especially when in conversation where he can’t decide which word/s to use and ends up combining them in to a single non-existent one. To this person, the answer is either zero, one or infinity with one meaning the answer is, there is no answer. When facing a personal matter, he tries to reason with his emotions; even though he knows that his feelings can’t be reasoned with. He can easily understand somebody else because he cannot easily understand himself; he has a knack for making what needs to be said in to what wants to be heard. Who is this person? I’m not sure. It could be you or it could be me. It could be nobody and it could be everybody....
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