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Scene from - Kevin Pintauro February 13, 2007 Scenes from...

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Kevin Pintauro February 13, 2007 Scenes from Project 2 The scene takes place up the corner from my downhill, three housed dead-end street where I live. We are in the back yard of my two friends’ grandmother’s house, which is next door to their own house. We’re with my two friends up the block, my two friends whose backyard connects to my backyard and my younger brother. We’re hanging out, on the back yard furniture, discussing our plans as a group for the summer while playing Monopoly. It was the beginning of wiffleball season for the six of us. Something we had been doing for the last couple of years since my friends that live behind me moved in. But it was still the “off-season” for our organized sport, even though we played during some warm winter days. Typically during this time of the year, we stuck to video games and Monopoly. The video games were fun and all but it was always so annoying to have to share four controllers with six people, especially when there are two people who are terrible at playing. Monopoly, however, was a game that for the most part was unpredictable with no consistent winners. Based on the way we always played the game, I think we would have turned out to be very corrupt CEOs or business owners. We were constantly stealing money and property deeds (my favorite scam) from the bank and each other. Another scam that was done, which I didn’t become aware of until many years later while talking about old
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Scene from - Kevin Pintauro February 13, 2007 Scenes from...

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