TWP, PG - Kevin Pintauro February 10, 2007 TWP PG 43-48;...

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Kevin Pintauro February 10, 2007 TWP PG 43-48; 51-54 The day after the attacks on 9/11, Adam Mayblum wrote an e-mail to himself and others entitled “The Price We Pay” to telling a first hand story of what happened to him on that day. The day starts out completely normal as Adam Mayblum arrives to work a few minutes early. All of a sudden, an explosion rocks the North Tower of the World Trade Center, the building that he and his co-workers are in, and shakes the entire building like an earthquake. Mayblum, from this point on, includes both his thoughts and knowledge of the present and what was actually going on. He does this to show the reader the massive amount of confusion and uncertainty that was going on by the people that were in the building. The first thing that he tries to do, as do many others, is try and contact his loved ones, his wife and parents, and let them know that he is OK. It takes him several attempts to reach anyone because of the immense amount phone traffic in the area taking up all the circuits. He journeys down nearly one hundred flights of stairs to get out of the building while helping anyone who needed help on the way. He directs firemen to where stranded people are in the building not knowing at the time that that will be the last thing they do. Mayblum finally exits the building and minutes later he watches as it collapse and set off a consuming cloud of dust that engulfs all of downtown Manhattan. After telling his story, Mayblum tries to make sense of everything that was
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TWP, PG - Kevin Pintauro February 10, 2007 TWP PG 43-48;...

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