Ch. 8 Relationships and Culture

Does he demonstrate an ethic of responsibility

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Unformatted text preview: ibit any demonstration of Does good will and generosity? Does he demonstrate an ethic of responsibility? demonstrate Obviously, Archie makes no effort to Obviously, accommodate his niece or adapt to the siutation? What could he have done to adapt or accommodate? adapt SUMMARY OF BUBER’S THEORY SUMMARY Buber says we must work toward dialogic Buber communication, which means “seeking to engage with others with the goal of creating conditions for both compassion and accountability, even when the parties engaged in the communication do not agree.” In sum, this means we should attempt to communicate with, not at with not others. others. REVIEW REVIEW Relationships in Culture INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATON DEFINED COMMUNICATON Communication between people who have Communication some stake in each other; involves the SELF, OTHERS, and CULTURE. SELF, SELF – the image you craft of yourself SELF and present to an audience. and OTHERS – those you interact with. CULTURE – customs, attitudes, beliefs CULTURE and values. and INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS IN CULTURE RELATIONSHIPS 1. They almost always involve some type of They 2. 3. 4. NEGOTIATION. NEGOTIATION. They almost always involve a degree of They ACCOMMODATION. ACCOMMODATION. They involve BALANCING your own They desires (agenda) with others. desires Sometimes involves being NURTURING. THE SELF THE The image of we craft of ourselves and The present to an audience. According to Goffman, it’s something we rehearse, stylelize and produce. stylelize THE FRONTSTAGE AND BACKSTAGE BACKSTAGE According to Goffman, who used a According dramaturgical model to explain interpersonal communication, our...
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