TWP, PG 55-59

TWP, PG 55-59 - last feelings and leaves sort of a final...

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Kevin Pintauro March 23, 2007 TWP PG 55-59 The letters that the soldiers in Iraq wrote to their loved ones back home really capture their overall attitude and mood from being there. Staff Sergeant Aaron Dean White writes that he felt like he was at a campout with his friends, like he had as a child, when the air raid sirens went off and they had to scramble to put on their hazard suits. I think that that little description greatly gives one an idea of how soldiers were. Deep down, he did not think he was going to die and he really did feel like this was actually a “fun” adventure. Even though White was in a war zone, his story reminds me of how fragile life really is and no one can possibly know when they are going to die. In the letter written by Diego Rincon he seems very sad and his motivation for being there seems to be that he is seeking the approval of another. He admits the (likely) possibility that he may die and he takes this letter as an opportunity to vaguely say his
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Unformatted text preview: last feelings and leaves sort of a final testimony. He describes the area in Iraq he is in like a physical hell; its very hot and humid and unpredictable. There are wild dogs running rampant and cattle freely roam the overgrown streets. Brett Christians letter to his grandparents illustrates the closeness he has to his family. It seems also that Christian is home sick and misses everyone he knows. He complains about the poor communications they have, even now in this age, that they had in past eras. He describes the relationship that the soldiers have with the locals and how welcome he feels. And although where he is dangerous, he explains how for the most part the Iraqi Army has surrendered and the only enemy they face they dont actually face and he describes their hit-and-run tactics; the same tactics that eventually kill Christian....
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TWP, PG 55-59 - last feelings and leaves sort of a final...

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