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Kevin Pintauro March 23, 2007 TWP 723-727 Dr. King’s famous and inspirational speech “I Have a Dream” really speaks of the essence that is freedom; American freedom. It gives people hope in a time of desperation. He goes from saying he dreams of people in the southern states to be able to vote and people in the northern states being able to have something to vote for. This addresses the different racial segregations and racial problems that were being experienced across the country. King uses the word negro in his speech as opposed to African-American or black and I think that using that word includes more people (not all blacks are from Africa) and it is a more “lower” word that when used with great respect and context used with the word is extremely empowering but yet still humbling. King also is historical in his speech quoting both Abraham Lincoln and Thomas
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Unformatted text preview: Jefferson (from the Declaration of Independence). He uses their words to prove how blacks are already both equal under God and under the Constitution; prove meaning that King really shouldnt have to have been saying it in the first place as the rights of citizens are both natural rights from God and the United States. He discusses the urgency of his words and explains that it is important that we act now and that we cash in our checks of opportunity at the Bank of Justice and make real the promises of Democracy. He recites the lines of classic American songs like let freedom ring and he says to let the bells of freedom ring their loudest and their loudest now. He wants them to ring from the Rockies of Colorado to the Alleghenies of Pennsylvania....
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