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Kevin Pintauro March 23, 2007 TWP PG 727-737 When I see these images and pictures and works of art of famous civil rights leaders it describes to me the air in the air of their own times. The “March on Washington” sign, of a black and white hand shaking hands, says to me how it specifically was for equal work force. The handshake today (and then) reminds of a business deal being finalized, even after signatures a deal is not complete without a handshake. Martin Luther King’s spin on Lincoln’s “Four score” to King’s own “Five score” beings his words in to their own time and establishes the large amount of time that has since passed since Lincoln said his Emancipation speech. The images focus on those that spoke at the March on Washington but they also have John and Robert Kennedy. The bubble words remind of a comic book and a mix tape of songs.
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Unformatted text preview: They are the words (stories) of several different people all put together in to one, like a mix tape, but all the different ones still add up to (a single) one. A one that is stronger together and separate like unification of America and the rights of citizens. I think that organizing the actual story of that day in this arrangement is both artistic and simple. This is a good way to teach a young child of the day and also a refreshing and informative way for adults to learn about it (again). Every paragraph of his speech that starts with “I have a dream” has with it a dreamy artistic picture that goes with it. The depiction of God as in the one nation under God that we see in our judicial system is also used in a powerful sense that really brings back “church and state”....
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