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Kevin Pintauro 1 The Spiritual Struggles of Redcrosse and Una and how they Illuminate the Spiritual Struggles of Saint Augustine By Kevin Pintauro November 20, 2006 Creighton University
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Kevin Pintauro 2 The journey to spiritual enlightenment is not the same to everyone. That it is not to say, however, that they do not have any similarities. The characters Redcrosse and Una, in The Faerie Queene , written by Edmund Spenser, go through a fanatical medieval era style of spiritual enlightenment. They face deceitful obstacles similar to that of Saint Augustine in his journey to spiritual enlightenment. Even though Una and Redcrosse are fictional characters in a fictional setting, the metaphors and symbolism used by Spencer can be compared to the actual struggles and obstacles of Saint Augustine’s life. Early in Redcrosse’s journey, he encounters his first obstacle. He encounters the knight Sansfoy and ends up killing him and claiming his lady, Fidessa (Duessa) (book 1, canto 2). Sansfoy represents unfaithfulness (the name literally means “without faith”) and Redcrosse is able to defeat him with little effort even though he himself is inexperienced. This illuminates Augustine’s spiritual struggles where he too began to lose faith. Without faith, one’s “power” is powerless. Redcrosse’s untested faith was easily able to conquer that of Sansfoy’s faithlessness because without faith one is
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THL take home essay 2 - Kevin Pintauro 1 The Spiritual...

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