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Professor Kothenbeutel World Literature I Sec E October 11, 2006, Mortality Vs Immortality in The Odyssey The theme of “mortality versus immortality” is seen in Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey . The interaction between the gods and humans is very common in the story. The immortal beings of this ancient Greek world casually interact, interfere, and very much change the impact of the everyday life of humans. Only the gods, however, have the ability to leave their world and enter the human world; while mortals are bound to their own existence. The main character, Odysseus, encounters a rare and challenging choice of whether or not he should become a god, or remain a mortal. Odysseus’s epic life journey, one of fantastic events and tales of legendary heroism, shows that mortals are capable of achieving amazing feats, in their limited life-time, that are superior to the gods. The Odyssey greatly portrays how the life of a mortal can be more advantageous than that of a god. Odysseus is asked by Kalypso if he would become immortal. ( The Odyssey , Book 5, 223-233). However, there is a catch: Odysseus must stay with Kalypso and be the protector of her (their) island. Gods are strangers to personal death. This agreement, therefore, would last forever. Odysseus is a great man who has done many great things. His greatness as a human compares, and even exceeds, the greatness of the gods.
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immortality vs mortlaity - 1 Kevin Pintauro Professor...

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