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Outside Event Troy

Outside Event Troy - priests over his warriors for war...

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Kevin Pintauro December 4, 2007 Outside Event 1 “Troy” The movie “Troy” (2004) is based on Homer’s The Iliad . After watching it I thought the movie seemed very drawn out and long even though there were several scenes that were not included in the final cut. The long cast of the movie included every major character from the epic and each role is given an experienced/well-known actor; most notably is Brad Pitt who plays Achilles and Eric Bana who plays Hector. The tone of the movie is different from the book: I found that the Trojans were portrayed as “the good guys” while the Greeks were portrayed as ruthless warmongers, Achilles and King Agamemnon especially; while King Priam of the Trojans was portrayed as a wise man whose only “ignorance” perhaps is his strong devotion to the gods when he listens to his
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Unformatted text preview: priests over his warriors for war advice. One thing that I thought the movie lacked is the emphasis of the Achilles and Patroclus friendship. Homer’s version made the pair’s bond like Gilgamesh and Enkidu where as in the movie it was like they were merely close relatives. Patroclus’ character was also portrayed as an inexperienced and even an inept warrior who was shy where as in the book he desires glory as does Achilles and isn’t short of cursing off Hector in a long speech before he slays him. In the movie he says nothing before he is killed. I think because I have already read The Iliad and knew what to expect I came in to watching the movie with a critical attitude and high expectations (that weren’t all met). The movie falls short to the epic novel with a three out of five star rating....
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