Final Paper - odyssey family

Final Paper - odyssey family - Kevin Pintauro Dr...

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Kevin Pintauro Dr. Fajardo-Acosta World Literature I December 10, 2007 Family Roles and Values: A Compare and Contrast Essay on The Odyssey , Today’s Society, and the Life of Kevin Pintauro Throughout Homer’s The Odyssey, there are many references made to family that show its importance, and the different roles that are played, in the lives of those who lived in Ancient Peloponnesian Greece. Today, family continues to play an important role in a one’s life, but many of the roles of the different family members have changed significantly since the ancient time period. This essay will discuss the various uses of family throughout The Odyssey and how they relate my own family and today’s society. One of the first examples of family used in The Odyssey is in Book 1 when Athena must ask for her father’s consent before traveling to Ithaka to speak with Telemakhos. (Book 1) Athena asks, “For my part, I shall visit Ithaka to put more courage in the son, and rouse him to call an assembly of the islanders, Akhaian gentlemen with flowing hair. He must warn off that wolf pack of the suitors who prey upon his flocks and dusky cattle.” (424, 113-118) Here, Athena asks her father, Zeus, if it would be alright for her to visit Ithaka and give Telemakhos the strength he needs to battle the suitors. This is similar to children today who feel the need to ask for their parents’
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Pintauro permission before doing things for fear they may be disciplined for it. Athena displays the same childlike behavior that is seen within many families today. To an extent, I too still ask my parents for permission to do certain things, even though I am now a legal adult. I think that I ask them now out of respect; a respect that I find growing faster on me as I enter adulthood. Life really can be as hard as they told me when I was younger when I took my childhood years for granted. Another example, that reminds me of several occasions in my own life, is in Book 4 when Helen says, “Never, anywhere, have I seen so great a likeness in man or woman —but it is truly strange! This boy must be the son of Odysseus, Telemakhos, the child he left at home that year the Akhaian host made war on Troy—daring all for the wanton that I was.” (463, 152-157) This quote reminds me a lot of my family, as it probably does for many others’ too; when someone looks like one of their parents they will be told this for
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Final Paper - odyssey family - Kevin Pintauro Dr...

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