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Kevin Pintauro December 4, 2007 Outside Event 2 “300” “300” is based on Frank Miller’s novel about the ancient battle of Thermopylae between the Spartans and the Persians taking place around 480 B.C. The movie begins with a synopsis of King Leonidas’ coming of age and kills a wolf with only his spear in the harsh winter as a boy. He returns to Sparta having been feared dead by his people and becomes Sparta’s greatest warrior. As a man he is married to his queen and they have who now too is coming of age. An ambassador from Persia comes to demand the surrender of Sparta and tribute to King Xerxes. My memory of how the Spartan women are was quickly refreshed when Queen Gorgo gets an attitude with the ambassador and commands her own equal respect next to Leonidas. The meeting didn’t go well to say the least and the king seeks the approval of the gods to go to war at the oracle.
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Unformatted text preview: Watching closely, the viewer at this point can assume that they have been corrupted and they do not give Leonidas the blessing he seeks. He decides to go to war anyway saying he is leaving by himself and these are my three-hundred personal bodyguards. Leonidas is portrayed as strong-headed yet he is still wise and wants the best for his people. While he is at war, his queen quickly and skillfully takes his place and represents him in the Greek Senate meetings and reveals the corruption within the Greeks. The Spartans fight valiantly and strategically against numbers many times their own until they are betrayed by Ephialtes, a deformed outcast, tells Xerxes of a secret passage through the mountains and his armies flank the Spartans and surround them ending their defense campaign....
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