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6a atomic cafe - Kevin Pintauro PHL 250 Dr Kiefer...

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Kevin Pintauro PHL 250 Dr. Kiefer Assignment 6a: “The Atomic Café” The Atomic Cafe documentary film made in 1982 and was directed by Jayne Loader and Kevin Rafferty. It’s made up of entirely of U.S. Government footage of nuclear weapons tests, government propaganda, and Civil Defense films. The film runs in its entirety without one word of commentary. The Civil Defense’s nuclear survival strategy of "duck and cover" is very idiotic and is a kind of “here is a fear and here is how to protect yourself from it”. They “educate” the public with films of the destruction produced by actual nuclear detonations which really provides all the commentary itself. It also features a cameo by President Ronald Reagan showing the bomb to the public. The effect is comical, surreal and chilling at the same time and if we didn’t have footage of the things that happened, the whole thing would sound like another bad movie. While the movie may not have actual narration, it does take a certain tone and sends a carefully planned message to the viewer. The film shows the creator’s
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6a atomic cafe - Kevin Pintauro PHL 250 Dr Kiefer...

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