ethics of what we eat

ethics of what we eat - Kevin Pintauro PHL 250 Assignment:...

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Kevin Pintauro PHL 250 Dr. Kiefer In the book, Singer and Mason talk about questions of cruelty, environment, economics, culture and social integrity. They trace the groceries of three families to their origins and they arrive at surprising conclusions. Should one buy farmed-fish to conserve ocean stocks? It apparently depends on how they are fed. And is domestically grown the “best” choice? It may not be for those who depend on their third-world jobs to literally survive. These are some of the moral questions that are raised in The Ethics of What We Eat. The authors both come off as utilitarian and realistic. They believe, as a society, we allow the “wrongs” of food manufacturers because society would rather not know. It is like how “Supersize Me” ruined the fast-food experience for some and since seeing it have not returned. In fact, our food system depends on the ignorance of the public about the questionable and even illegal practices of it; much like how illegal workers are depended on (and is a fact not commonly known to the public) by the economy. Many American factory-farms that Singer and Mason looked in to denied their requests to visit. In the book, they describe meat not so much as murder, but torture. Inside pig- plants are animals with their lives spent in tiny concrete and steel pens. They cannot turn around, roll or exercise. The odor from their feces and urine is such that people need to
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wear masks when near it in order to breathe.
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ethics of what we eat - Kevin Pintauro PHL 250 Assignment:...

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