789 how to tell a good objective organizational

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Unformatted text preview: rease website traffic by 50% in 2012 See p.789, “How to tell a good objective” Organizational strategies (“how”- oriented) Organizational strategies (“how” e.g., marketing programs to pursue objectives Develop & launch new online advertising program Strategic Planning Process Strategic “Product/Markets” (Ansoff, 1965) Product/Markets” (Ansoff, Organizational strategy - products & markets Organizational products Market penetration (“Milk is a natural,” more/better ads) (“Milk Market development (McD’s global, Arm & Hammer) Market (McD’s Product development (mini-Oreos, Vaseline lotion) Product (mini-Oreos, Diversification (Altria-Kraft, Sara Lee-Coach) Strategic Planning Process (Porter - “Generic Strategies) (Porter Organizational strategies Organizational based on competitive (differential) advantage (differential) Cape Air Ability to outperform Ability outperform competitors in providing something market values something capabilities/actions, capabilities/actions, not just resources BA - service SW Strategic Planning Process Strategic Customer Value/Relationships “Customer value” critical for marketers (and customers) quality/price Long-term relationships with customers Long-term by offering unique value (“relationship marketing”) Strategic Planning Process Strategic Differential Advantage Choose an appropriate strategy Consistent with mission Consistent Build sustainable competitive (“differential”) advantage Build eva...
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