Honda quality cars at reasonable price threats honda

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Unformatted text preview: luate resources and distinctive competencies build capabilities and “differential advantage” Honda – quality cars at reasonable price (threats?) Honda (threats?) Strategic Planning Process Strategic Company Portfolio/SBUs Organizational portfolio plan Organizational portfolio Large organizations have portfolio of businesses Large product lines, divisions, etc. Strategic business units (SBUs) Strategic single product, product line, or division (GE) Management must decide which to build, maintain, Management eliminate, or add eliminate, e.g., BCG model (stars, question marks, cash cows, dogs) (stars, e.g., Marketing Management Process Marketing Strategic Plan (company overall) Strategic (company Facilitates development of marketing plans Facilitates each product, product line or division of organization Marketing Plan (for each business unit/product) Marketing (for Subset of strategic plan Marketing Management Process Marketing Strategic Planning and Marketing Planning Marketing See p. 784 (section 7) for Marketing Plan format Marketing Management Process Marketing “Marketing Plan” Planning and executing the conception, pricing, Planning promotion, and distribution of goods & services promotion, of create exchanges with target groups create target satisfy customer and organizational objectives satisfy objectives Discussion Question In many organiza...
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