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Unformatted text preview: Promotion (promotional mix, IMC, etc.) Promotion (promotional - Branding strategies Branding f. Sustainable competitive advantage advantage Professor Background Professor Kendall Goodrich, Professor BA UVA, MBA Northwestern, Ph.D. FAU BA 15 Years marketing strategy experience Corp. experience with AT&T and NCR IPO w/Citrix (Internet networking) VP Marketing positions with e-commerce VP firms firms Research interests: online marketing, global Research marketing, consumer behavior Resources Resources Text: Marketing Management Marketing Peter and Donnelly, 10th Edition*** Online: Pilot syllabus, assignments, chapter notes Current events, Internet exercises exercises Case, Marketing Plan Assignments/Evaluation Assignments/Evaluation Attendance/Class Participation Attendance/Class 10% Test s 1 and 2 (20% each) 40% Current Events/Internet Assignments Current 10% 10% Group Case Group Group Final Marketing Plans 30% 10% 10% Chapter 1 Strategic Planning and the Marketing Management Process Management “The Marketing Concept” Organization should profit by serving needs of Organization customers (Amazon) customers (Amazon) Purpose rivet attention on customer needs Principal task effective (customer needs) and efficient efficient (profitable) means of satisfying customers (profitable) What is Marketing (AMA defs.)? (AMA Exchange (1948/1960):...
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