What major types of marketing major gms new strategy

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Unformatted text preview: arketing? What Major Types of Marketing Major GM’s New Strategy GM’s GM struggled due to foreign competition and GM a bloated benefits package. The company responded with cost-cutting, globalization, and new car designs and What other strategic measures can GM What consider in order to stay viable in the market? consider …lately, things have been getting better – lately, why? Scope of Strategic Planning? Scope “True mission of an organization is to provide value True for three key constituencies” (from book) (from Customers Employees Investors Any others? (hint: BP?) Objectives and strategies established at top level Objectives context for planning in divisions/departments context Including Marketing Plan Strategic Planning and Marketing Management (definition) (definition) All activities that lead to development of All clear organizational mission clear objectives objectives appropriate strategies appropriate Achieve equilibrium Achieve between short and long term growth acceptable financial results w/LT strategy Prepares for inevitable changes (in “environment”) markets, technology, competition, economic and markets, political arenas (major tren...
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