Why do you think this happens what are the

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Unformatted text preview: tions, marketing is In not given a place of importance in the organizational hierarchy. Why do you think this happens? What are the consequences for a firm What that gives little importance to marketing relative to other business functions? functions? Discussion Question “Developing marketing strategy is Developing more important than implementing marketing strategy because if the strategy is flawed, it doesn’t matter how well it is implemented.” how Do you agree or disagree? “Doing the right thing” vs. “Doing things right” Marketing Management Process Marketing “Marketing Plan” - Situation Analysis/SWOT Situation analysis (environment opportunities/threats) environment opportunities/threats Situation Cooperative (suppliers, resellers, alliances) (suppliers, Competitive (EDLP, free checking, M&A) (EDLP, Economic (GDP growth, inflation, unempl.) Economic (GDP Social (culture, trends, “green”) Social (culture, Political (mpg stds., oil, health, int’l) Political (mpg Legal (deregulation to regulation?) Legal (deregulation Example - Mobile phones? (Blackberry vs. Apple) Add Company Strengths and Weaknesses (not in book) Add Strengths (not You have a SWOT analysis Best Strategies – link Opportunities with Strengths Best The SWOT Matrix The Marketing Strategy in Action In...
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