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Kevin Pintauro February 27, 2007 RSP 120 Ex 5.4 1. Thoughts and feelings a. I am proud to be a student when I am here and amongst a place and society (Omaha and Midwest) that know of Creighton, but outside of this region, where the school is not heard of, I am not. b. I know that CU is a good school and a degree here means more than most other schools. c. I sometimes feel a sense of belonging but for the most part I do not. d. I had no “loyalties” to my former school and in fact didn’t like it;
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Unformatted text preview: not that I don’t like this school but I don’t feel a sense of loyalty here either. e. I am comfortable dealing with the staff at school. 2. Goals a. Make long lasting friendships and receive a degree. b. No clear choice. c. It is important. d. College will result in a better job. e. I have investigated Grad programs. f. No I have not. g. To get at least 3.0 GPA 3. Support a. My family supports me. b. N/A c. MY parents help me financially....
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