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Kevin Pintauro January 24, 2007 GJQ #1 My academic strengths as learner are definitely more visual than auditory or kinetic. Along with my visual learning, I also have very good spatial abilities and can visualize things in my mind. I have always had a great ability in math and reasoning, but my entire life I have struggled with reading. Tests where you’re needed to read a story then answer questions about it, I have always struggled. I briefly had special reading attention while in elementary school and I gradually fell behind in reading averages on standardized tests. My math scores, however, were always high above average on such
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Unformatted text preview: tests. I have always done well with critical thinking. Even though I scored very high on national standardized tests in math, I have always struggled in math classes. In high school I struggled very much barely passing the class for the year. This semester I see myself falling behind in math, as I always have. I already am completely clueless as to what we are doing in the class right now. The only reason I see myself getting by in the class yet is because we do group assignments everyday and I am able to get many of the answers from other kids....
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