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Kevin Pintauro January 24, 2007 GJQ #8 I think that many people don’t make it through college because of their family and friends. I also think, however, that many people do make it through college because of their family and friends. These people have can have the greatest influence on one’s life. Parents, siblings and friends who set poor examples and are bad role-models can lead to people close in their lives to follow a similar path. On the contrary, family and friends who have good attitudes towards their education will likely have people they are close to
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Unformatted text preview: follow in a similar path. Other reasons why people stay in college is because they see it as their only way to get ahead or get started with a career they can live comfortably in. I have friends that dropped out of school before their first semester ended because they decided they wanted to go straight to work; and they had the opportunity to start in a good job. Reasons why people may stay in college is because they feel a sense of status by having a degree and/or they may feel that an education is priceless....
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