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Kevin Pintauro January 30, 2007 RSP 120 GJQ #1 My favorite types of classes are ones with group discussion and entire class conversations. When there is a group discussion, especially about something that I am interested in and/or knowledgeable about the subject. I am not afraid to voice my often outspoken opinions even with sensitive topics. I find it refreshing, and I think others do to, when you say exactly what you mean with conviction in your voice. Depending on the organization of the discussion, I enjoy being given the spotlight with the microphone
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Unformatted text preview: on loud so that everyone can hear me; and if it’s not an organized discussion, I am not afraid to fight to be heard (and I am actually very skilled in doing this). I like this type of class environment also because it keeps the class and the rest of the students attentive and interested. I am not easily entertained, but in these kinds of situations I can’t help but amuse myself and others and even have fun....
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