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Apes at zoo - Pintauro 1 Kevin Pintauro Dr Fitzgerald Essay...

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Pintauro Kevin Pintauro February 11, 2008 Dr. Fitzgerald Essay 1 ANT 111 Upon entering The Hubbard Primate Valley, my first observation was of the silverback primate. He was by himself and it was clear that he was the alpha male of the group. He was for the most part indifferent to the people on the other side of the glass turning briefly only to banging or sudden movements. He was larger than any of the other adult primates there. It seemed like he was guarding a sort of “perimeter” that wasn’t necessarily the glass and the walls. It was like there was a natural boundary within the man-made one. At times, he was right next to the glass but still always facing away from the visitors. The “silver” on his back looked like gray hair on an aging person with black hair only the gray was secluded to his back as opposed to a human’s gray hair appearing anywhere on the scalp or body. The children constantly played with each other and reminded me of little human babies with the energy and body control of young puppies playing with each other. Their energy seemed limitless and even when they “stopped” they didn’t actually stop. They took short rests lying down next to each other on their backs and sides but their hands and arms were still in that “attack” mode and so was their “threatening” expression on their faces. The females in the group were more towards the center of the area socializing with each other and their children would come and go amongst them. The females would also play but their playing looked much more aggressive than then their children’s because of their full-grown size. It looked almost like two tall overweight people 1
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Pintauro wrestling each other. The wrestling style seemed like a mix between Japanese Sumo and traditional competitive wrestling. They grappled each other but remained on their hind legs and it appeared as if they were unable to keep their balance. But careful observation allowed me to see that they had strong footing nearly at all times. The “wobbling” that I saw was controlled by them. They took brief pauses between “encounters” almost like a referee declaring a “break” in a human match. They had aggressive facial and body
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Apes at zoo - Pintauro 1 Kevin Pintauro Dr Fitzgerald Essay...

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