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Unformatted text preview: 946.9 7,668.2 700.0 195.0 8,563.2 2011 2012 a Includes sales of forest products, custom feeding fees, custom harvest fees, and other farm income. b Includes farm program payments directly to producers. c Estimated. d Forecast. Source: Colorado Business Economic Outlook Agricultural Committee. 16 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook 2011. While figures for Colorado specifically are not available, U.S. poultry producers are now estimated to be losing 10 cents per pound of production on average. High feed input costs continued to undermine poultry industry profitability in 2011. Cash receipts may improve slightly, to $85 million, in 2012, but they did not gain significantly in 2011 from the 20-year low of $77 million in 2010. In contrast, the pre-recession record net income received by Colorado poultry producers in 2007 was $207 million. The closure of the Butterball processing plant in Longmont continues the disappearance of turkey production and processing in Colorado, but egg and chicken production are stable. Despite the severe drought in southern Colorado, a devastating late freeze on the Western Slope orchards, and the lingering ne...
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