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Unformatted text preview: 392.6 2,272.6 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook employment growth from the prior years. In 2009 and 2010, the unemployment rate rose to 8.3% and 8.9%, respectively, as the state grappled with a declining labor force, increases in the number of unemployed, and population growth. The rate is projected to show a slight decrease in 2011 due to stabilization in the labor force number and a slight uptick in the number of employed. The unemployment rate is expected trend down to 8.4% in 2012, with the increase in household employment marginally outpacing growth in the labor force. Employment From 2001 through 2011, Colorado’s population increased by almost 673,000 people—a 15.1% increase—while adding a mere 22,700 jobs, a 1% total increase over 10 years. Growth during the decade was wiped out with the crushing loss of 128,000 jobs from year-end 2008 to year-end 2010. Colorado’s return to growth occurred in 2011, with the state adding 27,500 jobs. While the gains were modest—making up only 21% total jobs lost...
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