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Unformatted text preview: 352.2 7,712.6 5,867.2 6,726.7 7,399.3 7,961.7 2012b Percentage Change 10.2% 9.4 1.7 17.4 -7.6 4.9 -23.9 14.6 10.0 7.6 a Estimate. b Forecast. Sources: World Institute for Strategic Economic Research (WISERTrade) and Colorado Business Economic Outlook Committee. While many advanced countries are facing slower growth amid financial troubles, many developing country economies, including China and India, are expected to see near double-digit growth in 2011 and 2012. With growth at such high levels, inflationary fears in these countries are rising and could lead to policies that aim to cool overheating and to limit growth. U.S. trade and exchange rate policies are expected to play a role in influencing trade in the coming year. The Obama administration continues to pursue policies that encourage domestic manufacturing and consumption, free-trade agreements, and freer-floating exchange rates abroad—particularly for China. All of these policies seek to encourage U.S. exports, and some policies are expected to temper growth in foreign imports. Colorado Exports Forecast In 2012, Co...
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