2 million tons of coal is shipped annually to

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Unformatted text preview: umption and Generation About half of the coal produced in Colorado is consumed in-state. Front Range power and industrial plants consume coal from both Colorado and Wyoming. More than 19.2 million tons of coal was consumed in Colorado in 2010, and 11.6 million tons were shipped from the state. Electricity generation at coal-fired power plants increased in 2010, from 34.5 million megawatt hours (Mwh) to 38.6 million Mwh total generation, and coal supplies 67% of Colorado’s electricity generation. This is a 5% increase in coal’s contribution to the state’s total electricity generation portfolio. While Colorado’s active coal mines are located primarily on the Western Slope, the customer base is continued on page 26 25 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook Mining and Logging continued from page 25 Global China is now building the equivalent of two 500-Mw coal-fired power plants every week. Twothirds of the country’s energy supply comes from coal. More than 80% of its electricity is from coal, and its coal production is twice that of t...
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