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Unformatted text preview: o Business Economic Outlook Healthcare Coverage Trends Cost pressures, along with the economic downturn, are associated with two notable health coverage trends: (1) accelerating enrollment in public programs, and (2) continued erosion of employersponsored insurance. Enrollment in Public Programs Enrollment in the state’s public insurance programs, Medicaid and the CHP+, rose by approximately 53% between FY2007-08 and FY201112. The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) projected that the Medicaid and CHP+ combined caseload would reach almost 700,000 Coloradans by the end of FY2011-12. Reasons for this growth include: (1) the weak economic environment that has fostered record enrollment in Colorado’s Medicaid and CHP+ programs as families whose income has declined may find themselves or their children newly eligible for public programs; (2) nonprofit organizations and the Ritter administration developed outreach activities aimed at promoting public awareness of the Medicaid program and implemented a number of programmatic changes to streamline enrollment in the last two years; (3) expansion of the Colorado Medicaid program in 2009; and (4) provisions of the Colorado Healthcare Affordability Act (HB09-1293) began to be phased in in 2010, increasing the number of children and parents eligible for Medicaid and CHP+. Continued...
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