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Unformatted text preview: 153.9 151.8 150.4 149.1 147.0 144.1 129.6 125.2 128.0 126.1 Industry a Revised. b Estimated. c Forecast. Sources: Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and Colorado Business Economic Outlook Committee. Prices are expected to rise sometime in spring 2012. While production will be helped by a weakening dollar, productivity gains will hurt employment. Looking ahead, the shutdown of a turkey processing plant and the loss of 300 jobs at the end of 2011 will reduce employment. This will be partially offset by Leprino Foods, which will complete the second phase of a cheese plant in 2012 that is expected to create 100 jobs. Overall, employment in food manufacturing is expected to decline from 19,500 jobs in 2011 to 19,400 in the following year. The printing and publishing subsector continues to undergo revisions to its business model. Three factors explain the subsector’s evolution. First, advances in desktop publishing, kiosks, and photoquality home printers have reduced the number of limited run print job...
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