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Unformatted text preview: evels in Colorado’s main potato producing area, the San Luis Valley, heightened in 2011 due, in part, to poor valley and surrounding mountain snowpack in the 2010-11 winter. The industry continues to increase acreage of newer varieties less susceptible to disease, and is working to expand production of specialty potatoes in response to demand. However, growers are limited in substantially expanding production by insufficient water. Even though trade of fresh potatoes to Mexico remains restricted to deliveries just 26 kilometers inside its border, Mexico continues to be a significant and growing market for Colorado potatoes. More than 2,000 truckloads are exported annually, with an estimated value of $15 million. Progress was made in 2011 toward opening up the market for Colorado potato exports to Mexico. Colorado potato production and prices are both expected to be somewhat lower in 2012, but total cash receipts are projected to remain 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook above $300 million for the second-consecutive year and much above the 10-year average. The most important trend in the Colorado onion crop has been the decline in production since the last half of the 1990s. Average p...
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