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Unformatted text preview: 7.5 17.3 54.3 56.2 171.6 177.1 2011 2012c a Due to rounding, the sum of the individual items may not equal the total. b Estimated. c Forecast. Sources: Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and Colorado Business Economic Outlook Committee. of work is keeping overhead rates high in spite of aggressive cost control. Residential and commercial building construction remains slow. Road and bridge work has been keeping some companies busy. The Funding Advancement for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery Act (FASTER) funded the design of close to 70 structurally deficient bridges. The work, which was split between CDOT and the private sector, resulted in a spike of activity for architecture and engineering firms. In 2012, more bridge work is anticipated as is the design for the expansion of DIA. The recent announcement of the development of a new convention center and the possibility of the relocation of the National Western Complex to the east of the metro area will most likely not result in work until 2013 or beyond. Plans and neg...
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